Brgy. Dila, Bay to receive batch 2 of organic fertilizers today

BAY, LAGUNA – In response to the Bureau of Soils’ recommendation from the most recent soil analysis, Brgy. Dila turns to organic fertilizers to condition and improve the quality of their farmland.

Brgy. Councilor Menard Curibot discussed the Zinc deficiency of their soil. “Maasim na kasi at kulang na sa nutrisyon ang mga lupa,” he explained. The implementation of the project developed by the Bureau of Soils, Municipal Agriculture Office, and the LGU first started with a soil test last December 2011 while the recommendation and distribution is in process this January 2012 until present time.

February 2, 2012 marks the date of distribution of the next batch fertilizers at the Dila Multipurpose Coop Inc. in Purok IV Windvalley.

Two hundred and fifty (250) sacks of vermicompost delivered at Dila Multipurpose Coop Inc. in Brgy. Purok IV Windvalley.

Farmers are encouraged to use organic fertilizers since the use of chemical fertilizers can be a threat to the health. By using organic fertilizers, farmers can generate more income since organic fertilizers are cheaper. In terms of harvesting, improved quality of yields is expected when using organic fertilizers.

The Bureau of Soils provided the fertilizers to be applied in the respective land areas. They recommend the use of one litre of Trichoderma harzianum-compost activator, one Microbial Inoculant (250g/pack), ten (10) bags of Vermicompost, one bag of Triple 1-4 and one bag of Urea per hectare to fully nourish the soil.

One box of Trichoderma Microbial inoculant from UP Los Baños ready to be distributed to farmers.

According to Zenaida A. Lansigan, the agricultural technologist in charge of mixing of fertilizers for the application, the use of organic fertilizers addresses Zinc deficiency, leads to better conditioning of soil resulting to a land more conducive for farming.

The Bureau of Soil targets 50 hectares of land in Brgy. Dila divided in to two 25-hectare sites in Purok IV Windvalley and  Purok III care. Thiry-six (36) farmers, 19 from Purok IV and 19 from Purok III, will be the initial beneficiaries for the program.

Chosen site for application of organic fertilizers in Purok IV Windvallley.

According to Curibot, the quarterly evaluation of the lands will be conducted to monitor the effectiveness of the fertilizers. All finding will be recorded to serve as basis for the improvement and/or the larger scale implementation for the program in Brgy. Dila.

by Therese Marie L. Quilnat

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