UPF Now Issuing car stickers

The University Police Force is now issuing UPLB car stickers for private vehicles, motorcycles and public utility jeepneys. The issuance of stickers started last February 1, 2012.

For vehicles with plate numbers ending in 0 and 9, you may claim your stickers on March 5 until 9. For plate numbers ending in 8 and 7, stickers can be claimed on March 12-16. For plate numbers ending in 6,5 and 4, the stickers can be claimed on March 19-23. For plate numbers ending in 3,2 and 1, stickers can be claimed within March 26-30. The office is open from 8:15-11 in the morning or 1:15-4:00 in the afternoon.

Application forms for stickers are downloadable at http://upf.uplb.edu.ph.

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