Suspects in Peñaranda case identified; UPLB frat denies culprits’ alleged membership

MARCH 7, 2012 – The Laguna Provincial Police Office (PPO) has released the names of the three suspects in the murder of Ray Bernard Peñaranda. They are:

  • Tyronne Kennedy Terbio (a.k.a. Kenneth)
  • Carl Dactil de Guzman (a.k.a. Dactil)
  • Joseph Beltran (a.k.a. Sebo)

Beltran, who acted as lookout during the crime, is now in police custody. He was arrested last night, and he identified the two other suspects.

According to him, Terbio was the one who stabbed Peñaranda with a balisong (fan knife).  Both the latter and de Guzman have previous criminal involvement. Police have released pictures of the two.

There have been reports stating that Terbio and de Guzman were members of the UPLB Tau Gamma Phi fraternity. However, Louiegi Centeno, head of UP Tau Gamma Phi’s Los Baños unit, released a statement denying the involvement of the fraternity’s name in the case:

“On behalf of 1-UP TRISKELIONS, we members of the UP Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity (UPLB Unit) would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Ray Bernard Peñaranda. We are one of the recognized fraternities in the university and we condemn the inhumane act of killing.

Should we get any information regarding the crime, we are willing to coordinate for the immediate resolution of the heinous act committed by the perpetrators. We appeal to various media entities and police that irresponsibly involved the fraternity’s name in the crime, thus, unnecessarily tainting our fraternity’s reputation.

We strongly reinforce that the committed crime has nothing to do with the fraternity therefore it was an individual act solely done by the involved people. And if they want evidence regarding to the membership of the suspects, they are free to check our roster from OSA, and at the university registrar. They are non-UPLB students.”

Terbio and de Guzman are still at large –the manhunt continues.

by Rikki Lee Mendiola

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