Laguna Lake dredging, on hold

by Klarissa Camille Halili

The Laguna Lake dredging was cancelled last year. And while discussion for reconsideration was underway, the monsoon rains began to flood the town of Sta. Cruz, especially lake-side barangays.

The floods made the roads connecting the market to the town church impassable, and the people are staying in evacuation centers for almost three weeks now.

Barangay San Pablo Sur Councilor Romulado Halili said that the municipality is exerting effort to solve the problem. While the Laguna lake dredging is not advisable for now, the local barangay units are thinking and implementing ways to cope up with the flooding.

According to Halili, the local government had started relocating the town market to the town plaza to prevent the flood from contaminating the food products. The evacuees are being taught proper sanitation in the evacuation centers. Relief goods are distributed evenly to the evacuees.

They also have implemented the new traffic route for the vehicles for easier travel within the community. Boats are distributed to flooded areas for easier travel.

The Laguna Lake dredging project was identified as a possible solution to prevent flooding. It only needs the approval of the President in order to be implemented.

President Noynoy Aquino scrapped the P 18.5 billion project because according to the proposal, the dredged material or silt will just be transferred to other part of the lake.

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