Enzo-Kevin Death: LB Times Chronology of Events


-At around four in the afternoon, LB Times received a task to cover a suspected murder of two unspecified people at the Flatrocks area of the Makiling Mountain Forest Reserve, a part of the UP Los Baños Campus.

-There were talks that the two bodies were ‘Kevin’ and ‘Enzo’, both students of UPLB.

-The only unofficial reports LB Times gathered before the coverage were:

(from New Dorm residents) Kevin and Enzo both reside at the New Dormitory; all residents agreed that the last time they saw either of the two PERSONALLY was SATURDAY (Dec. 1, 2012) and the last time they had communication with either of the two was SUNDAY (Dec. 2, 2012);

The New Dorm residents also stated that many of them planned to trek on Sunday. But only Enzo and Kevin pursued the trip.

The New Dorm Residents also said that Kevin was sick during the weekend.

(from the College of Human Ecology students and friends of Enzo) Enzo posted a status on Facebook telling that he is going on to hike/trek (it was posted Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012).

(from the Student Councils) Even before confirmation, students have already passed group messages and Facebook posts which ASSUMED that Kevin and Enzo were the identities of the two bodies seen.

10:37 PM

-According to the UPLB University Police Force, the bodies were recovered and were transferred to Funeraria Regina in Brgy. Anos, Los Baños but the SOCO and the Police ordered the bodies not to be opened until a go signal is given (they were inside a van).

11:16 PM

-The LB Times arrived at FUNERARIA REGINA. While there, the television was turned on to SAKSI (GMA 7) and had this report:

SAKSI said that there was NO CONFIRMATION yet of the identities of TWO bodies retrieved.

Also stated in SAKSI’s report: TWO people went on to hike Sunday morning (possibly Enzo and Kevin); after a few minutes, there was said to be SEVEN more people who hiked; however, there is no information regarding the seven people

-some friends of Enzo from the College of Human Ecology were also present.


12:00 MN

-FIVE members of the Valdez (Enzo) family arrive at Funeraria Regina; people from UPLB contacted them beforehand.

-12:15 AM

-UPLB University Police Force arrives at Funeraria Regina; Valdez family requested for the body to be inspected to confirm Enzo’s identity.

12:20 AM

-UPLB University Police Force contacts PNP Chief for clearance to inspect the bodies; they came up with a deal to go to the PNP Crime Laboratory (in Camp Vicente Lim, Canlubang, Laguna) as the retrieved items from the two bodies were already there.

12:40 AM

-The Police and the Valdez family went on to proceed to the Crime Lab; The LB Times travels from Funeraria Regina to PNP Crime Lab in Camp Vicente Lim, Canlubang; the bodies remained at Funeraria Regina.

12:50 AM

-Police, Valdez family and The LB Times arrived at Camp Vicente Lim in Canlubang.

12:53 AM

-Valdez family enters PNP Crime Lab while The LB Times remains outside the building.

12:59 AM

-Slippers, a face towel and a striped T-shirt were shown to the Valdez family.

1:00 AM

-Mrs. Valdez (Enzo’s mother) confirms that the things shown were Enzo’s properties. Valdez family confirms Enzo Valdez as one of the two bodies retrieved.

-Mrs. Valdez and Enzo’s elder sister become emotional.

1:16 AM

-Police reminds the family that the bodies will be autopsied later this morning for official confirmation.

-Valdez family decided to go home and return to Funeraria Regina come sunlight.

7:30 AM

-Unang Hirit’s (GMA 7) morning news reported that the two bodies recovered were correctly identified to be Enzo and Kevin. Kevin was said to be identified by his friends through the shorts he wore.

-Also, in Unang Hirit’s news report, the log book at the Flatrocks was shown for about 2 to 3 seconds. The LB Times could not record its entirety, since it was just a glimpse but it was clear that there were names after Kevin and Enzo’s log-in.

8:03 AM

-The LB Times arrives at Funeraria Regina. Ms. Gina Umali, the proprietor of the funeral homes, was there.

8:17 AM

-The father of Enzo, Mr. Marlou Valdez, and Enzo’s sister arrived at Funeraria Regina.

8:35 AM

-SOCO is on their way for the autopsy according to Ms. Gina Umali.

8:45 AM

-Funeraria Regina prepares items/chemicals for embalming (e.g. alcohol, gloves, et.al.).

9:06 AM

-UPLB University Police Force arrives at Funeraria Regina.

9:12 AM

-UPF interviews Mr. Valdez; shows video of Flatrocks.

-UPF tells Mr. Valdez that the bodies were recovered floating on water (sa tubig mismo nakuha ang mga bangkay).

9:22 AM

-Funeral Team already prepared for autopsy; an unpleasant smell is already noticeable.

9:44 AM

-CIDG arrives; questions UPF for details.

-UPF: Initial Investigation was “nalunod”.

9:48 AM

-SOCO arrives; whole team is ready.

10:00 AM

-The LB Times initiated to leave.

-The entire Funeral Team along with SOCO and other authorities left for the autopsy which was to be done in a building near the Heaven’s Garden in Brgy. Anos, Los Baños (the odor would affect the neighbors if the autopsy would be done at Funeraria Regina).

1:23 PM

-The LB Times returns to Funeraria Regina; the bodies were not there anymore.

-The LB Times arrives at a building near Loyola (Heaven’s Garden) were the autopsy was conducted.

1:47 PM

-The bodies were already embalmed; SOCO and the doctor (Superintendent Roy Camarillo) who conducted the autopsy were not on the spot anymore.

-Enzo’s remains were to be transferred to St. Peter’s Chapel in Calamba.

1:55 PM

-The LB Times travels to PNP in at Brgy. Baybayin for more details.

2:00 PM

Meanwhile, at the New Dormitory, UPLB Chancellor Rex Victor Cruz and Vice Chancellor Oscar Zamora escorted Kevin and Enzo’s respective families while they vacated the lockers and rooms of Kevin and Enzo.

2:04 PM

-The LB Times arrives at PNP but could not find substantial information.

-The LB Times travels to St. Peter Chapels in Calamba.

3:04 PM

-The LB Times arrives at St. Peter’s Chapel where Mark Enzo’s body is located.

-His uncle, Vergilio Sagum (a former Muntinlupa Police himself) was there with the St. Peter Chapels employee.

 3:15 PM

-His uncle expresses his disbelief/disappointment over the no-foul play result.

3:27 PM

-The LB Times receives an update: According to Interaksyon’s report, there was no foul play; but ABS-CBN and GMA reported that the case is still “under investigation”.

4:53 PM

-Mr. Valdez arrives.

-Mr. Valdez immediately calls for justice as he noticed some marks on Enzo’s back during the autopsy; he doesn’t believe that the cause is drowning.

-Mr. Valdez also told The LB Times that they’ve already vacated Mark Enzo’s room at the New Dorm; there is no trace of his cellphone and handbag.

-Mr. Valdez noted that he called Enzo on Monday (Dec. 3) morning, to notify Enzo about the cash he sent via LBC; There were no responses from the phone (whether answered or dropped); But the phone was ringing.

5:22 pm

-The LB Times leaves, going back to their headquarters.

7:00 pm

[Interview with the College of Human Ecology (CHE) Student Council]

-last semester, Mark Enzo resigned from the student council.

-Enzo is usually seen around CHE, especially in his organization OIKOS according to CHE SC.

-the CHE SC’s last personal contact with Enzo was on Friday (Nov. 30) during a workshop for aCHEan 2012.

-LAST TEXT of ENZO according to CHE SC: Dec. 1 (Saturday) 10:51 PM.

-Dec. 2 (Sunday) was aCHEan 2012; CHE SC had no contact whatsoever regarding Enzo, but they also noticed his FB statuses.

-CHE SC notes that there really is somehow a hint of conflict shown in Enzo’s statuses but they were clueless who could have bad blood with Enzo, if ever there is bad blood.

-WELLA (CHE SC) who is also a member of the Kapatirang Plebeians cited that Enzo was somehow not in good terms with some of the members of Kapatirang Plebeians; however she noted that whatever conflict there was between Enzo and Plebes, it won’t boil down to an extent that will take lives away.

-JEAN of CHE SC: (Enzo’s close friend as well) Enzo told me before that he “doesn’t want to enlist in PE 2 in swimming because he doesn’t know how to swim.”

-CHE SC also expresses its disappointment regarding the negligence of whoever was on duty for the Flatrocks logbook during that day; They asked why they were not urgent enough once they found out there were two people who were unable to log out.

9:00 pm

-in AksyonTV’s (Ch. 41) Andar ng mga Balita’s report, Los Banos resident Gloria Castillo tells the possibility of the two victims being na-engkanto; she tells TV5 that “we should take care of Makiling.” She cited a similar case in 1983 where 4 students also drowned in Makiling.


10:30 AM

-The LB Times arrives at the New Dormitory.

[Interview with Datu Mokalid, President of the New Dormitory Residents Association]

-Enzo resided at room 102 while Kevin resided at room 201.

-Datu last saw Enzo and Kevin about TWO weeks ago.

-According to Kevin’s roommates, Kevin was indeed sick (trangkaso) on Nov. 29 (Thursday).

-According to Datu and to Kevin’s roommates, Kevin talked to his mother via phone call; His mother requested Kevin to go home since he is sick.

-The last time the servants of the New Dorm canteen saw Kevin was Saturday night (Dec. 1) as he was eating.

-Residents of room 202 (adjacent to Kevin’s room 201) last saw Kevin Saturday. Kevin was sharing internet with them.

2:30 PM

-The LB Times went to the PNP at Brgy. Baybayin to ask for updates regarding the incident. The Police told them that the case is already closed and the progress report is already submitted to the Provincial Office.

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