Grand Revelry Rocks Los Baños

By Ladylove May Baurile

Los Baños Laguna- The municipality of Los Baños held the Grand Revelry last night at Paciano Rizal Park. Grand Revelry is still part of the Paskuhan sa Bagong Los Baños wherein revelry is a noun synonymous for festivity.

According to Vice Mayor Baby Sumangil’s opening remarks, the municipality realized how concerned their citizens became when typhoon Habagat reached their place ever since. They chose to support the five barangays affected by Habagat instead of continuing the activities for the Bañamos Festival.  “Napakabait po ng ating Poong Maykapal dahil ngayong Disyembre,… ngayong kapaskuhan, nagkaroon po tayo ng magandang panahon…. upang ihandog po sa inyo  ang pamaskong handog ng Bagong Los Baños,” said Sumangil.

Part of the said event was the introduction of winners of past contests like Miss Los Baños Jonnadel Dongsay of Brgy. Timugan, Los Baños Idol Nimfa Arevalo of Brgy. Anos , Miss Gay aka Tony Gonzaga of Brgy. Baybayin and Make your Move’s Nasty Boys. The winners for the Fluvial Float Parade were the Brgy. Bayog, Brgy. Mayundon, and Brgy. Baybayin for the first, second, and third places, respectively.

Winners of Los Baños Idol, Ricky Mendoza, Aya Aguinaldo and Nimfa Arevalo, and of Make your Move Dance Contest, the Nasty Boys, performed on the said event. Mendoza sang “Rolling in the Deep”, Aguinaldo chose “Di kita Pipilitin” and Arevalo performed “Muntik na kitang Minahal” plus her winning piece, “Kahit Sandali”

Groove it! Make your Move first placer Nasty Boys proved to people that they deserved to win through their performance last night at the Paciano Rizal Park (photo by LMBaurile).

The highlights of the event were the act of duo-comedian Iyah and Tekla, the performance of the band, Itchyworms and the fireworks display.

Iyah and Tekla were hired from Punch line, Laugh line and Metro Bar. Itchyworms performed their hit singles “Kabataang Pinoy”, “Akin Ka Na Lang”, “Gusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhay”, “Love Team”, “Freak Out Baby”, “Beer” and “Pahingi Ako Niyan.” Moreover, people enjoyed the grand fireworks displayed for about ten minutes.

The Grand Revelry. Jugs of Itchyworms led the band in performing their hit singles “Kabataang Pinoy”, “Akin Ka Na Lang”, “Gusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhay”, “Love Team”, “Freak Out Baby”, “Beer” and “Pahingi Ako Niyan” (photo by LMBaurile).

Save the best for last. Itchyworms, the last highlight of the event, rocked the Los Baños community through performing their seven hit singles (photo by LMBaurile).

Past activities of the Paskuhan sa Bagong Los Baños like Marian Convention (Dec. 6), Dia Agua Santa: Elejer (Dec. 7), Fluvial Float Parade (Dec. 7), Himigsikan (Dec. 9), Miss Los Baños Talent Night (Dec. 12), Miss Los Baños Swimsuit Competition (Dec. 13), Make your Move Dance Competition (Dec. 13), Los Baños Idol (Dec. 14), Miss Los Baños Coronation Night (Dec. 15) were presented and flashed on screen.

According to Mayor Anthony Genuino, having a new Los Baños wherein the local government aggressively develop services for health, occupation and education and make long-term projects for each barangay was just a dream before but that dream becomes a reality as of today.

Actually, itong Grand Revelry ang main event ng Paskuhan kasi lahat ng best of the best na nangyari sa Paskuhan ay dito pinalabas… I think in the next more years… mas maa-uplift pa yung tourism in terms of events, yung mga tourism sites siyempre madedevelop ‘yon at… mas maa-upgrade pa ‘yong quality,” shared KC Manaquelod, municipal tourism officer and Grand Revelry coordinator.

Reach for the skies. People of Los Baños enjoyed the grand fireworks symbolizing the new Los Baños. It was displayed for about ten minutes in the Grand Revelry (photo by LMBaurile).

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