PNP nabs three of six Honda robbery suspects

The Los Baños Philippine National Police arrested three robbery suspects during a security check at a checkpoint in Brgy. Timugan at about 2am on July 21.

The suspects identified as Relex Vidal, Sunny Ritual and Darwin Gusilatar, all residents of Infanta and Real Quezon, are being implicated in the robbery incident that occurred in the Honda showroom at Brgy.Maahas on July 8.

The three suspects were flagged down for not wearing helmets while riding their motorcycles. During the stop and search procedure, none of them were able to show a driver’s license.  In addition, it was found out that the two motorcycles are individually registered under different names.

Further, the police officers confiscated a Llama caliber 380 pistol from one of the riders, Vidal.  Since the robbery in the Honda showroom involved an identical pistol, the police station immediately coordinated with the establishment’s employees.

At about 10am of the same date, an employee from the Honda showroom came to the police station and positively identified the three suspectsduring the police line-up procedure.  He also identified the confiscated Llama 380 pistol as the same firearm used by one of the suspects during the incident.

The Honda showroom was robbed at about 8:30am. While it was about to open, four men, armed with a Uzi machine pistol, a 45 caliber and caliber .380 fire arm, entered the establishment and aimed at the employees inside.  Two other men stayed outside as lookouts.  Since the suspects failed to open the vault, they took the gadgets –cell phones, tablets and playstation portable (PSP) – of the employees instead.  The suspects hurriedly headed to crossing Los Baños, using two motorcycles as getaway vehicles.  One motorcycle was described as a gray Honda XRM RS 100 while the other one was a black TMX with a yellow plate.  Two of the suspects were said to have a heavy built standing 5’10” while one has a small built and about 5’3” in height.

The three suspects remain in the custody of the Los Baños police station with a robbery case filed against them.  A ballistic of the confiscated firearm is also being requested from the crime laboratory of the province.  (With reports from PNP Los Baños)

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