Campus Journalism 2013 holds first round of eliminations

by Krizelda Grace G. Sasi

LOS BAÑOS, Philippines – The battle among young journalists is now set as coordinators of Campus Journalism 2013 held their first round of eliminations on a district level on August 29 in Maahas Elementary School.

Thirteen elementary schools in Los Baños competed in the event including: Bagong Silang Elementary School, Bambang Elementary School, Bayog Elementary School, BN Calara Elementary School, Lalakay Elementary School, Lopez Elementary School, Los Baños Central School, Maahas Elementary School, Malinta Elementary School, Mayondon Elementary School, Paciano-Rizal Elementary School, San Antonio Elementary School, and Tadlac Elementary School.

First place district winners are as follows:

Copy reading and headline writing

  • (Filipino) Zolaika Anne Porley of Bayog Elementary School
  • (English) Chris Ann Leonida of Bayog Elementary School

News writing

  • (Filipino) Jhoulie Anne Joldi of Los Baños Central School
  • (English) Ace Rafael Co of Mayondon Elementary School

Editorial writing

  • (Filipino) Hannaha Lyn Rivero of Paciano-Rizal Elementary School
  • (English) Cyrus Toring of Los Baños Central School

Sports writing

  • (Filipino) Floyd Emmanuel Namoca of Los Baños Central School
  • (English) Angel Joy Quilloy of Bayog Elementary School

Feature writing

  • (Filipino) Hannah Mikaela Miguel of Paciano-Rizal Elementary School
  • (English) John Marcial of Lopez Elementary School

Editorial cartooning

  • (Filipino) Paolo Marmol of Los Baños Central School
  • (English) Franz Harold Homeres of San Antonio Elementary School


  • (Filipino) Ansherine Kate Reyes of Los Baños Central School
  • (English) Thom Ivan Ragasa of Malinta Elementary School

On-line writing

  • (Filipino) Abigail De Guzman of Los Baños Central School
  • (English) Ryuta Anami of Maahas Elementary School


  • (Filipino) Shaun Dizon of Bayog Elementary School
  • (English) Jan Earnest Tandang of Bayog Elementary School

Broadcast media

  • (Filipino) Los Baños Central School
  • (English) San Antonio Elementary School

Ten winners were proclaimed in each category except for on-line writing, lay-outing, and broadcast media. Winners of the said events are automatically entitled to compete in the 2013 Division Press Conference to be held at Pangil Central School, Pangil-Pakil District on September 26-28, 2013.

Campus Journalism, otherwise known as Journalism Press Conference, is conducted every year to support the mandated Republic Act No. 7079 or the “Campus Journalism Act of 1991.” The act advocates the freedom of expression among students as it upholds awareness about developmental issues faced by the society. At the same time, it enables students to further hone their innate critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills.

The event was made possible through the collaboration of elementary schools in Los Baños district, and supervision of the following: Ms. Gisela Pingad, English Principal Coordinator; Ms. Prima Cecilia Ilagan, Filipino Principal Coordinator; Ms. Herminia Bisenio, District Coordinator; and Ms. Esmeralda De Castro, District Supervisor.

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