IPB joins Syensaya 2014

with reports from Therese Marie L. Quilnat

The Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB) of the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) showcases its scientific technologies on the second day of the annual science fair Syensaya with the theme “Los Baños Science Community: Supporting the Nation in Meeting Global Challenges.”

The IPB exhibit focused on corn grits, organic seeds, and hydroponics.

Corn grits or milled white corn is being promoted for mixing with or as an alternative to rice, according to Meg Grulla from IPB. Compared to white rice, corn grits are healthier and a better source of protein. It is also heavier in the stomach, making the consumers reach satiety faster, and also very cheap because a kilo of corn grits can be purchased for only 30 pesos at the IPB booth.

Organic seeds. exhibited by the IPB undergone open pollination, which is pollination by natural mechanisms, and were not cross-pollinated to ensure the preservation of desirable characteristics and traits, such as crop yield and quality of produce, across generations. Carefully packed seeds of okra, cucumber, white squash (upo), squash, and other vegetable seeds were sold for 40 pesos per pack.

Simple nutrient addition program (SNAP) of the IPB refers to hydroponics or soil-less farming which entails transferring a week-old plant to the nutrient-enriched hydroponics setup. Plants should be at least a week old to ensure germination and the nutrient-absorption capability of the roots.

The nutrient solution is made by mixing one cup each of SNAP A and SNAP B solution with ten liters of water. The solution has been formulated to provide all the nutrients the plant needs for proper growth, even in the absence of soil. This way of farming is proving to be beneficial and ideal for urban locations, where ample land area for planting is scarce.

For more information on IPB’s products, inquire at the IPB booth which is open until tomorrow September 12, 2014 from 8 am to 5 pm.

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