AMDP displays smart incubator in Syensaya 2014

by Remsce A. Pasahol

The Agricultural Mechanization Development Program of the University of the Philippines College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (UPLB CEAT) showcased an egg incubator made from locally available materials in the three-day Syensaya annual science festival at the UPLB campus on September 10 to 12.

A simple ice chest made of styrofoam served as the chamber of the incubator. An incandescent bulb served as source of light and heat. To ensure that the heat was absorbed evenly by the egg, there is a computer fan which distributes the heated air and an egg turner which tilts the egg. An air vent was also installed to regulate the temperature and humidity or the amount of water vapor in the chamber.

What makes this invention a smart incubator is the automation system used in the machine. which is an Arduino platform (Gizduino X derivative). This tool acts like the central processing unit of a computer to control the fan, light bulb and egg turner based on the input and the environmental condition, such as moisture and temperature.

Since the incubator is no longer manually operated, more precise and accurate operation can be observed in maintaining the desired temperature of 37 to 38 degrees Celsius for better incubation of eggs.

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