LB’s Homegrown Mutya: Leren Mae Bautista


Los Baños is now an address of royalty as recently crowned beauty queen proudly calls it her home.

“Los Baños is home for me” states Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia Pacific International 2015, Ms. Leren Mae Magnaye Bautista.

A local of Brgy. Anos, Bautista was also crowned Miss Los Baños 2013. Now, she returns with an international title along with several awards from the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2015 coronation night last August 2 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila.

Besting 29 other contestants, Bautista also snagged four more awards: Best in Swimsuit, Best in Long Gown, Mutya ng Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa, and Mutya ng Hana.

Yet despite her world’s glitz and glamor, Ms. Leren remains humble and accommodating as she indulged Los Banos Times with her thoughts on bringing home the crown, being a Lagunense, and being part of LB at 400.

On bringing home the crown 

Los Baños Times: What made you decide to join Mutya ng Pilipinas 2015?

Leren Mae Bautista: Actually, I wasn’t that prepared when I joined this pageant. My body wasn’t in good physique back then. My only goal is to gain experience of a national pageant. Fortunately, I won the title!

LBT: When your name was announced as the winner, what were the first few thoughts that came to mind?

LMB: “Thank you Lord!” were the words that came in my mind. I wasn’t expecting for my name to be called. I am already very happy with the experiences I’ve had at that moment.

LBT: What are your plans now that you are the new Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia Pacific International?

LMB: To do my responsibilities as Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia Pacific International in promoting culture and tourism. To travel the whole Philippines to know the different cultures and tourist spots we have, thus, help them in promoting them.

LBT: How are you preparing for the international pageant on December? If you bring home the title, how can you leverage the crown to share your personal advocacy in the province, country, and the world?

LMB: Well, as of now, we travel to know more about the culture and tourism of the Philippines so when we compete in our international pageant, we will know how to promote the country. If I’d bring home the crown, I’d use it to promote tourism and natural beauty.

On being a Laguena

LBT: How does it feel growing up in our town?

LMB: It felt like home. Los Banos is home for me.

LBT: What’s your favorite place or delicacy in Los Banos or Laguna?

LMB: Buko pie!!! I LOVE BUKO PIE!

LBT: In our research, we found out that you have often been invited as “Reyna Elena” in several barangays in Los Banos (i.e. Brgy. Timugan and Brgy. Anos). Can you please share your experience being a frequent muse in Los Banos?

LMB: Though this could mean long walks, I never hesitate to accept their invitation. I always feel overwhelmed when they invite me.

LBT: As a marketing graduate, what facet of Los Banos or Laguna would you further promote and why?

LMB: Promote more of Laguna’s tourism and culture as to let the world see how beautiful Laguna is.

LBT: Apart from being a responsible individual, family member, and citizen of the community, what other quality/ies of being a Laguena do you value and why?

LMB: Hospitable and conservative. We, Lagunenses, are very welcoming and accommodating that tourists love returning back to our province. We are also still holding on to the traditional values that we’ve gained and that I think sets us apart from others.

Los Banos at 400

LBT: Looking back, what aspect of our town’s 400 years of history are you most proud of?

LMB: Los Banos as the largest science community in South East Asia! Though Los Banos is just a small town, it has contributed much in terms of scientific achievement, specifically on Agriculture.

LBT: What aspect of Los Banos do you wish to be further developed in the coming years?

LMB: Los Banos, not just an academic and special nature and science city, should develop more of its tourist destination as to promote how beautiful Los Banos is.

LBT: What is your message to your fellow Los Banos locals regarding the Quadricentennial?

LMB: It’s been 400 years of building names! Let’s continue supporting our municipality and our kababayans!

LBT: What is your message to your supporters?

LMB: To those who believed [in me] and supported me, many thanks to you! Please continue to support me as I vie for the crown for Miss Tourism Queen of the Year on December. This is for all of you!

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