Brgy. Batong Malake expands CCTV network with 28 new units

by Kristel Mae Matanguihan

To ensure close monitoring of crimes and accidents in their area, Brgy. Batong Malake completed the installation of 20 additional closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in various parts of Umali Subdivision on August 7, 2017.

Brgy. Chairman Janos Lapiz explains the operations inside the command center for the Batong Malake CCTV network now with 34 CCTV units.

“For the past years, Umali Subdivision has been a target of many criminal activities especially theft and robbery. This is why we have seen the need to further tighten the security within the area,” Brgy. Captain Janos Lapiz explained.

He also clarified that while the additional 20 CCTV cameras would significantly help the barangay council in intensifying security measures in Batong Malake, there are still areas in the barangay that need CCTV monitoring.

In addition to the 20 newly installed CCTV units around Umali Subdivision, 8 new CCTV cameras were also installed in the perimeter of the barangay hall for intensified security measures not only for the government office but also for the students and staff of the nearby Los Baños National High School.

With the installation of 28 additional CCTV units and the continued patrolling in the different part of the Batong Malake, Brgy. Captain Lapiz is positive that the barangay will be more efficient in maintaining peace and order in the community. He clarified that “ just because we have more CCTV [units] around doesn’t mean that our police force can slack off and and be dependent on them.”

Brgy. Captain Lapiz encouraged local business establishments to invest on installing CCTVs for public safety. Aside from making sure that their business is safe, it can contribute to evidences in case a certain crime happens within their area.

To complement the barangay’s efforts in intensifying security measures, Brgy. Captain Lapiz asked the residents to also be mindful of their own safety and security such as by making sure their doors and windows are locked for the night, saving the barangay/municipal emergency numbers in their phone contacts, and avoiding going home late and drunk. He also emphasized that “there is only so much that we can do to assure the community’s security. We should all help each other to achieve a crime free barangay.”

Aside from increase security and monitoring for the barangay, Batong Malake is also considering using the barangay CCTV network to monitor and manage traffic in the barangay. Brgy. Captain Lapiz explained that “traffic, just like criminal activities, is becoming one of the biggest burden within the community, which affects the daily lives of residents and students altogether.”

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