Bidding for farm-to-market road in Brgy. Mayondon, now ongoing

The bidding for the construction of a farm-to-market road in Barangay Mayondon is currently ongoing, says Barangay Secretary Joanna Pauline D. Diozon. It is one of the first steps for the actualization of the plan of the barangay for developing tourism in their area.

Location of Mayondon Hill on Google Maps Satellite

Diozon further explained that the farm-to-market road will enable better access to the intended tourist attraction, which is the hill of Mayondon near the shoreline of Laguna De Bay. At the foot of the hill, there is a residential area which one must pass by on the way to the top.

View overlooking Laguna De Bay from the top of Mayondon Hill

According to Diozon, the hill is visited mostly by locals and the area not commonly known outside their barangay. The Mayondon hill shows promise as a tourist spot because aside from overlooking Laguna De Bay, there are erected crosses, and an on-going construction of a privately-owned chapel at the top, which makes it a good destination for the Lenten Season.

On-going construction of a chapel at the top of Mayondon Hill

Because of the privately-owned area, the planned tourism project will be in partnership with the private owner, as well as Barangay Bayog, a neighboring barangay. This is because going down the other side of the hill is the Malacoco Hotspring of Bayog, where locals go to relax during summer. Although according to Laica M. Macapua, the Barangay Secretary of Bayog, Malacoco is closed at the moment due to high tide.

The tourism project, according to Ms. Diozon, is still undergoing further planning as part of Barangay Mayondon’s three-year plan.

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