MENRO calls for volunteers for waterways clean-up

by Rainielle Kyle M. Guison

The Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) of Los Baños encourages residents to help in the clean-up of waterways and creeks in their respective barangays.

According to MENRO chief, Dr. Antonio Alcantara, each barangay has a designated time and date for the clean-up, usually weekends. Residents only need to visit their respective barangay halls to know the details.

Officials and organizations of the barangays already started their clean-up early February.

One of the six tributaries in Los Baños is the Saran River. More than 400 volunteers from the DENR, Philippine Army, Philippine Coast Guard, local government, and residents cleaned up the river. (Photo from Philippine Information Agency 4A)
The Philippine Army Reserve Command also  helped with the ERDB employees during the cleanup drive in Saran River, Brgy. Anos, Los Banos, Laguna. Photo taken from

The clean-up is a regular activity mandated by the Department of the Interior and Local Government through a memorandum circular. The weekly clean-up drive was intended to help maintain the cleanliness of the waterways and creeks.

The memorandum is related to the writ of continuing mandamus of the Manila Bay Clean-Up, Rehabilitation, and Preservation.

Each barangay is tasked to submit a post-activity report every Tuesday after each clean-up. One of the barangays that already submitted a report is Batong Malake which stated that they collected 500 kilos of trash from canals, creek, and other waterways.

The clean-up drive is done to prevent trash from other communities to reach the Manila Bay. Since Laguna Lake streams to Manila bay, communities around it are required to comply with the memorandum. Los Baños, which has six waterways, is tasked to conduct a clean-up drive.

The MENRO also reminds households and establishments about proper waste disposal.

According to Dr. Alcantara, everyone should keep in mind, especially the establishments near creeks, not to throw their trash in the waterways. “Kung walang magkakalat, walang lilinisin,” he added. (“If no one litters, then there will be nothing to clean.”)

He also gave a message to students that they should encourage their family members to segregate and avoid littering because unclean surroundings can affect their health.

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