State Of the Barangay Address To Be Held at Malinta

A State Of the Barangay Address (SOBA) will be held at the Sangguniang Barangay at Malinta on October 20, 2019. The SOBA will assess the last quarter of this year. 

The assembly will primarily involve the citizens of Barangay Malinta about the progress and status of matters concerning the barangay. These include an assessment of the last quarter’s budget, especially on its appropriation, and committee reports, in which each committee will talk about the development of their respective fields, as well as their plans for the future.

Committees include the Infrastructure committee, who will talk about the barangay’s status regarding their buildings, the Livelihood committee will talk about job and career matters, the Education committee will report on statistics regarding the barangay’s academic institutions, the Women and Family committee will focus more on issues regarding domestic problems and human rights, and the Peace and Order committee will cite statistics regarding local crime activity.

Aside from the people residing in Malinta, the SOBA will also expect the members of the DILG Los Baños to attend, as well as Mayor Caesar Perez who will give a short message.

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