When passion meets profit: DevCom practitioner turns love for writing into business venture

Story by LB Times News Team

Mr. Apolinario “Apo” Lantican sharing his authored books, “Guide book for Writers and Editors” and “Ilang Sulyap sa Katotohanan” in a recent Dito Sa Laguna episode last April 24, 2023.

Passion and business go hand in hand for Apolinario “Apo” Lantican, founder of DevWrite Publishing, a Los Baños-based publishing house located at Barangay Tuntungin Putho. In a recent “Dito sa Laguna” episode that aired on April 24, 2023, Lantican shared his journey from his experiences as an extension worker, working closely with farmers, to building a publishing business from the ground up amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the height of the pandemic, Lantican, a former extension worker from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), thought of establishing a publishing business inspired by his lifelong experience working in the development sector.

“One year before ng retirement ko noong 2020, iniisip ko ano ba ang aking gagawin, naisip ko mag-put up ng maliit na business para naman malibang din at kumita nang kaunti at magamit ko ang aking  natutunan dito sa DevCom at ‘yung mayaman kong karanasan sa College of Agriculture and Food Science,” he said.

Lantican obtained his undergraduate degree in Development Communication from UPLB, specializing in Development Journalism, which inspired the name “DevWrite” for his business venture.

Entering the market during the pandemic is a great risk for many. When most businesses were shutting down, Lantican saw this as an opportunity. 

Despite the risks involved, he took this venture through identifying the threats and seizing the opportunities within these threats.

Ang naging batayan ko diyan ay threats and opportunities. Ang threat ay ‘yung pandemic, pero look through the situation, ano ang pwede mong magawa. Ano ang opportunity within the threat, at nakita ko nga ‘yung online. Kasi boom na boom ang online promotion, so ‘don ako pumasok,” he said.

Kung baga, live beyond your limitations,” he added.

But Lantican is not a one-man team. He credited the support of his wife, business associates, and long-time friend and layout artist, Bernabe Remoquillo, for the business’ smooth workflow. 

Central to his works is the integration of theory and practice, emphasizing the need for policymakers to come  down from their ivory towers and immerse themselves in the communities that they aim to serve.

Lantican is the author of two books, “Guide book for Writers and Editors and “Ilang Sulyap sa Katotohanan.” 

Catered to the general public, Lantican also aims to reach Mass and Development Communication majors through his works by offering a glimpse of authentic realities of working in the development field.

With reports from Mikaela Isabel Peña

Hosted by Marc Bathan, watch the Season 38, Episode 3 of Dito sa Laguna to watch Apo Lantican’s full interview: https://bit.ly/DSLS38Ep3