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In Memoriam: 29 Kapok Trees, Makiling

Yes, no blood was spilled yet my senses were stunned, 
chilled at the sight of torsos split and limbs chopped,
from crowns severed twenty-nine of you massacred
in the name of illusions called progress, mercilessly killed 
echoes of journalists’ screams in that grim Maguindanao field
no flowers strewn to the grounds you once stood 
no candles lit where you were felled, in murderous mood 
no crosses or stones to mark, nor shallow graves crude 
how mindless the perpetrators are, and Death so shrewd.
Gone now the cottony parachutes that carry your seeds 
Your hands of leaves now rotting ‘neath newly sprouted weeds 
Your decades of noble service, all naught but forgotten deeds 
The once-proud trunks butchered, now host to termite breeds.
Your murderers – 
engineer masters?
conniving foresters? 
village lords and ministers? 
business and hotel builders? 
power that is capital to public officers? 
among the public, the apathy-sufferers?
Rest in Peace Dear Friends – 
Justice comes in various ways when Mother Nature bends 
Pray that the innocent be spared, if we can’t make amends.
More trees will fall 
More creatures’ heads will roll 
For as long as trees give way to roads or buildings tall 
And until humans learn to respect the voiceless’ call
We who survive you – can never rest, no, not at all . . . 

Jun Lit, 05-07 June 2014

Lasting Happiness

Life is beautiful; imagine the best thing that ever happened in your life. Difficult times make you stronger to face whatever challenges that may come along the way.

Always smile because it makes your day more meaningful and makes you more comfortable doing your activities throughout the day. A smile on your face is a reflection of your personality; forget about the sadness in your life. You are in control of your own happiness.

Make your life meaningful by helping others; the best thing to do is share your blessings. It is the best source of a person’s happiness. It is priceless when other people smile because of you. Support others not only financially but also spiritually, and share your time. You are lucky because God granted you knowledge and talent so use it wisely.

Always ask for forgiveness. It is the best way to conquer whatever pain you feel inside.

When a person is happy, s/he will attract more blessings. Challenges may arise but s/he will receive bountiful blessings. To experience lasting happiness, always think positively despite of the many problems that may arise in your life. It is part of life. Obstacles make you stronger.

Many factors contribute to lasting happiness but the most important is thinking positively. Do not let things bring you down. Instead, make your life as beautiful and as happy as it can be without any hesitations on your part.

Rosette Concio of Brgy. Mayondon is a 32-year-old BS Computer Science graduate who works at a microelectronics company in Calamba, Laguna.

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