June Bullet News [LB PNP Report]

Kabalikat Civicom, a Los Baños based civic organization, will represent Los Baños in the Provincial Disaster Preparedness Competition on July 16 at the Laguna Sports Complex in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. The competition is part of the activities lined up by the PNP Provincial Office for the 2014 National Disaster Consciousness Month.


The Los Baños PNP conducted a feeding activity at Brgy. Bayog Daycare Center on June 30. Around 25 daycare students benefitted from the feeding activity as part of the Los Baños PNP Police Community Relations (PCR) activities.


On June 2-6 and June 16-20, the Los Baños PNP assisted Los Baños private and public schools in ensuring order and security in school zones as part of the Balik Eskwela project. The Los Baños PNP also held earthquake and fire drills at the Los Baños Central Elementary School in Brgy. Timugan during the opening of classes to prepare and/or review students, teachers, and school administrators on what to do during emergency situations.

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