PhilRice info hub now open

By Elsie E. Reyes

The Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) Los Baños opens its one-stop information shop or OSIS to the public.

OSIS or the one-stop information shop opens this November. Located within the PhilRice building, UPLB campus, it houses a mini library or the Palay-Aklatan and the PhilRice database. (Photo by Elsie Reyes)

OSIS is PhilRice’ new project which aims to provide information on rice research to students and other stakeholders.

Inside the one-stop information shop

The one-stop information shop has two basic components: the mini library or the Palay-Aklatan and the PhilRice database.

The first component houses books, magazines, brochures, and publications from PhilRice and other R&D institutions.

A designated computer can also be used for online research through PhilRice websites such as and An E-lib system also makes the library use more convenient. Readers can search their preferred publication and will be alerted of its availability. Audio-visual presentations of the latest rice technologies, meanwhile, can be viewed through a television.

The second component is the PhilRice database. Stored here are documents, reports, photos, and videos of PhilRice. Readers will need to ask for assistance from the OSIS’ personnel-in-charge to access the materials.

Accessing the collections

The Palay-Aklatan adopts an open access system. Users can directly get the publication they need straight off the shelves. However, all the publications will be for room use. According to Ms. Jacqueline Lee Canilao, one of the proponents of the OSIS, the institute is looking forward to allowing the patrons to bring out publications and materials in the future.

 Not your typical rice information hub

In a way, OSIS is different from other rice information hub. For Canilao, what sets it apart is that it is a mini-library set-up that would soon incorporate “museum artifacts, paintings, and others that can give the area a more modern and sophisticated feel.” She added that visitors can further expect visually-engaging mini-exhibits in the future.

Aside from the OSIS’ refreshing theme, Canilao also encourages people to visit because of what the hub holds. The mini-library houses a wealth of information on rice and rice technologies. “Since rice is the major staple in our country, it’s but important that the public increase awareness on the many aspects and functions of rice”, shares Canilao.

OSIS will be fully launched by the first quarter of 2016. OSIS is open to the public from 9:00am to 4:00pm. It is also open during lunch break.

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