People’s Night Extreme: a night of performances for Lagunenses by Lagunenses

by Julius Philip Villarey

Five acts from all around Laguna gathered in one stage to showcase their talents in dancing, singing, beatboxing, as well as rapping in People’s Night Extreme at the Paciano Rizal Park, as part of the 18th Banamos Festival.

People’s Night Extreme, running on its third year, was brought in the 18th Bañamos Festival in Los Baños last September 19, 2019 as the contribution of Governor Ramil Hernandez and Congresswoman Ruth Hernandez. This event, hosted by CJ and Botcha, is an avenue for both known and rising Lagunenses to showcase their artistry in music or dance. The lineup for this year’s instalment includes DJ M Beatboxer, Jason Fernandez, NG Gwapito Dancers, Miss Ramonne, and Allmost.

DJ M, the first in the lineup, known for his talent in beatboxing performed a medley of OPM, pop and hip hop music only. He also had a dance performance incorporating stunts with the use of the hoolahoop and jumping rope.

Meanwhile, Rivermaya’s lead vocalist Jason Fernandez, performed a medley of Rivermaya’s hit singles as well as other popular OPM hits like “Kisap Mata” and “Ang Huling El Bimbo”.

Performed next was the dance group NG Gwapitos who showcased a dance number featuring various popular music and dance crazes. After that, four members from the group looked for a partner from the audience to play a game where the members teach their partners how to dance the “Mathematics Challenge”. NG Gwapitos were called in again to the stage for an encore performance after the game.

Next on the lineup is the RnB/Soul singer-songwriter Miss Namonne who performed four of her self-penned songs including “WSK (Wasak)”, “Hi”, “Teka Lang” and “GK (Ganda Ka)”.

The final act for this event is the quartet rap/hip hop-influenced group ALLMO$T who performed five of their singles, including two of their most popular singles ‘Bagay Tayo’ and ‘Dalaga’.

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