Los Baños Promotes Livelihood Programs

The Los Baños municipality is promoting livelihood programs that empower different sectors in the community: women, sidewalk vendors, and other small entrepreneurs.

The municipality is now conducting training and livelihood projects for women to produce crafts that will go to the warehouse called Pamilihan ng Produktong Pambayan (public market). The warehouse will be dual-purpose – a community market and a tourist attraction showcasing different livelihood products.

The other project, “Kariton ni Ton,” aims to train selected sidewalk food vendors on proper food handling and sanitation. After completing the seminar, the vendors will be awarded new karitons (carts) by the municipality. These cards will be placed in front of public schools. The vendors will pay about P20 daily for the carts.

The last project aims to build a Rest Area Livelihood Center. The Center will serve as a new livelihood and tourist center for the Los Baños community.

by Heidi Mendoza

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