CINTERLABS showcases 3D avatar-based virtual environment program

by Angelica P. Cenizal

The Computational Interdisciplinary Research Laboratories (Cinterlabs) of the Institute of Computer Science, University of the Philippines (UPLB) Los Baños participates in SyenSaya 2014  through an exhibit that showcases a 3D avatar-based virtual environment.

The project creates a virtual UPLB campus which can be used for a virtual campus tour. The application makes possible navigating through the buildings, feeling the environment, and having a glimpse of the university.

It can also be used as a virtual classroom. Students can create their own avatar and, as long as they are connected to the website or to the same network of the application, they can see other avatars as if in a classroom setup. They can also interact with one another through chat and voice, and do simple gestures such as raising their hands. The users are also allowed to upload files.

This project, however, is still in its beta phase. Not all buildings in the campus are ready for navigation yet, as the developers have only finished the buildings for the Main Library, Student Union, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), CAS Annexes 1 & 2, Institute of Physical Sciences, and Institute of Biological Sciences.

There’s no definite date on when this program will go live.

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