Padyak LB on its 10th year

By Jyra Canlas and Madeleine Argosino

Fun for a good cause!

Padyak LB was held last September 16, 2018, as part of the activity line up of the 17th Bañamos Festival.

On its 10th year, the biking event advocated for responsible pet ownership and rabies prevention.

During Padyak LB, bikers from Los Baños and other nearby towns gather to enjoy, exercise, and socialize while exploring the beauty of Los Baños.

The event started at the New Municipal building which was the first time in 10 years since Padyak LB began.

Registration started on July 17, 2018 at the Los Baños Municipal Hall.  Free jerseys were given to the first 100 registrants.  On September 16, 2018, walk-in registration and general assembly took place at the parking lot of the Municipal Office of Los Baños from 5 a.m. to  6 a.m. Participants took off at 6:15 a.m. after the opening remarks of Mayor Cesar Perez and bike route briefing headed by Gatty Leceta.

Over 300 participants biked a loop from the Municipal Office to batangays Lalakay, Tadlac, Anos, San Antonio, and Maahas, then through the International Rice Research Institute, on to Brgy. Tuntungin-Putho and the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) campus, then to barangays Batong Malake, Bayog,  Mayondon, Malinta, and Baybayin (Poblacion), and back to the Municipal Office.

Participants were given an option to bike an additional route up Jamboree and Forestry while those who chose not to join waited at the UPLB College of Veterinary Medicine where water refill was available.

Makboys’ former president, Jeremy Deanon, explained that his team joins Padyak LB every Bañamos Festival to promote biking in the campus and municipality. He also said that the event can help engage other people to start biking because of the bike-friendly environment Los Baños has and the joy it brings among individuals.

The Makboys had previously received awards from participating in the event, including Best Jersey Design and Most Number of Delegates.

Another biker, Francis Reyes has been joining Padyak LB for three years now. He said that biking around Los Baños with his friends and teammates while helping raise funds for the anti-rabies vaccinations was the reason why he continued joining.

While the participants biked around Los Baños, free anti-rabies vaccinations were given to dogs and cats from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. The Municipal Agricultural Office and Barangay Health workers worked hand in hand to assist pet owners and give vaccinations to their pets. Given free vaccinations were a total of 113 pets, including cats and dogs.

The event was able to raise Php 51,000, which  All proceeds of the event will go to the Municipal Health Office to support its anti-rabies program and continually promote a safe and healthy environment for people and animals.

During the awarding ceremony, recognition was given not based on order of finishing because the activity is not a race. Rather, special awards were set by the municipality to appreciate the efforts exerted by the participants and recognize the diversity of bikers who went to participate.

Handed out were the following awards:

  1. Early Bird: Randy Carino
  2. First Registrant: Jolo Roquin
  3. Most Senior Biker: George Cristobal  (72)
  4. Youngest Male and Female Bikers: Celso Guerero Jr., (8) and Aryana Alcachupas (12) 
  5. Best Jersey: San Pablo city Cycling Club 
  6. Most Number of Delegates: Makboys

After the special awards have been distributed, a raffle was held to the delight of the audience. Raffled off were items, such as bike saddles, chain rings, saddle bars, rippa stems, work stands, XC stems, and spoon grips. Also given away were two slots for 100% scholarship at Trace Colleges for the youngest incoming grade 7 student and youngest incoming senior high student.

Started 10 years ago, Padyak LB has become an opportunity to showcase the beauty of Los Baños . Its pioneer, Councilor Josephine Sumangil, thus invites bikers and residents of Los Baños to join next year’s event.

“Ipakita natin ang ganda ng Los Baños at na sa bawat padyak natin ay makakatulong tayo sa sa mga kababayan nating nangangailangan,” she said. 

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