LB Offers Free Housing Project

For the victims of natural calamities in Los Banos, there’s good news.

The Municipal Office of Los Baños, under the supervision of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), is offering a free housing project: the Core Shelter Assistance Program.

Priority beneficiaries, to be selected by LGUs, are people living in areas near danger zones (such as shores and uplands).

The Municipal Office and DSWD aim to build 500 houses by the end of 2013. As of now, 48 houses have been constructed in Lalakay and 66 in Maahas.  A total of 70 more houses are expected to be built this year.

by Mizzi Alihan

Ambulatory Clinics to Roll for Health Security

The Los Baños municipality is making primary healthcare more accessible and convenient to the communities by establishing ambulatory units all over the town.

The 24-hour ambulatory clinics will render free medical services for simple and emergency cases, such as asthma attacks, birth labors, gastrointestinal problems, and skin diseases.

The municipality plans to provide one ambulatory clinic for two barangays, which make up a cluster. The first of these ambulatory clinics is targeted in Brgy. Timugan and Brgy. Putho during the first half of 2012.  Already, the LGU has grouped the 14 barangays in Los Baños into clusters.

by Heidi Mendoza

Operation Timbang to Detect Malnourished Children

Children 6 years old and below are now being given their very own type weight watcher’s program.

Operation Timbang of the Los Baños Nutrition Office aims to weigh and categorize children based on their Body Mass Index. This will help health officers identify kids who are malnourished.

A total of 24 Barangay Nutrition Scholars are now conducting house-to-house surveys. Children found to be either malnourished or undernourished will be asked to participate in the municipality-wide feeding program this April 2012.

by Jill Buenaobra

MFARMC Nanumpa at Nagkamit ng mga Bagong Sasakyang Pandagat

Isang pangakong sinambit sa ngalan ng dakilang tungkulin.

Apatnapung tao ang nanumpa sa kanilang tungkulin noong ika-18 ng Enero 2012 sa Municipal Covered Court ng Los Baños (LB), Laguna. Ang naturang panunumpa ay parte ng programang nagbibigay-pakilala sa Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management and Reform Council (MFARMC) – isang non-government organization (NGO) dito sa Los Baños.  Continue reading